Why I LOVE to Bootstrap

By June 23, 2009blog

Seven Reason Why I LOVE to Bootstrap

1. Forces me to really LISTEN to what my prospects and customers WANT and will really PAY for

2. Eliminates all the NOISE of raising and then having to SERVE investor needs… especially considering that the business’ real success DEPENDS on getting #1 right.

3. Forces me think about REAL ROI on every dollar I spend. Will this extra dollar spent on hiring this new person, spending this ad dollar, or investing in new technology… give me $2 back?

4. With limited marketing dollars, I think more about how I will take such great care of customers so that they WANT to do more business with me AND tell ALL their friends.

5. Creates a more REAL, grounded, and exciting environment for co-workers to work in.

6. Once profitable growth is in hand, creates a MUCH more stable environment to work in than a company that’s dependent on the next round of funding.

7. Provides ultimate creative freedom to build the company, connect with customers, suppliers, and co-workers in as unique a way as I like.

8. Forces me to test as quickly and cheaply as possible so as to get to real revenue and profitability.

Btw, this is my first post from my phone (while waiting for a bird to be caught in the cockpit of our plane)

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