Waiting for the big fat pitches

By May 13, 2008blog

In my last post I talked about how I share Buffett’s investment philosophy in liking to wait for the big fat pitches. Turns out that one of Buffett’s baseball heroes is Ted Williams. Considered one of the most disciplined hitters ever, Williams holds the highest single season batting average of .406 in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

He did it by rarely swinging at a pitch outside of his strike zone. He even made a chart (above) of batting averages based on hitting pitches in different places in the pitching zone. He thought the single most important aspect of hitting was “get[ting] a good pitch to hit.” The emphasis was not on being passive, but rather swinging hard at a pitch you could handle, a pitch in what he called his “happy zone.” He made a science of it like Buffett has done with his investments.

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