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I was recently reminded of a powerful visioning technique I’ve used in the past. As I look back now, it’s wild how well it has worked. It’s a little weird and fun at the same time.

Assuming it’s February 2011 today, I would write as if I it was now February 2015 and describe in great detail how everything looks as if it has already happened.

For example, At RegOnline when the support team was just a couple people trying to keep their heads above water, we each wrote out what it would look like a couple years out. We wrote something along the lines of “It’s amazing how we are able to WOW so many customers everyday. And how much our customers love us and how often they comment that we have given them the best support they have EVER received from any company. Our support team is filled with happy, energized, growing people, and we have a line of great people wanting to join our team. Other companies want to learn what our secret is to providing “knock-your-socks-off” customer service so they can do the same at their company.” Sure enough, within a couple years we had a support team at RegOnline that embodied most of what was written!

I’ve done the same with other departments, businesses, and with my personal life over the past 15 years. And have had similar, “holy cow!” moments when I look back on what was written to discover how much has come to fruition.

I don’t tend to do the traditional specific goal setting like, “$5 million in revenue, own a Ferrari, and lose 30 pounds”. I have found that directional, more colorful feelings inspire better results and feel better in the process. For example, “We have become more profitable every quarter which enables us to expand our service to more people and grow our organization. I can now afford to have a nicer car and feel better financially. I have been having a lot of fun improving my physical well being and it gives me more energy in everything I am doing. The abundance I feel and the joy I am able to share with others is amazing.”

Another GREAT example is Zingerman’s 2020 vision (one of the World’s best deli’s based in Ann Arbor)…
Notice how it is all written as if it has already happened. Weird, but it works.

Write yourself from the future and see how great it feels.

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