Usability Testing -Being Our Prospects

By April 2, 2008blog

We just finished two days of usability testing of RegOnline’s marketing website (we test the product separately). Our marketing team sat in a room and observed (via video feed) eight event organizers each spend 45 minutes going through our site and talking out-loud about what they are thinking as they go (kind of like Being John Malkovich).

I’m always amazed by what we discover in this process of observing how new people perceive our site… and how different that is from how WE see things as people who are knee-deep in our own product and site. Within the first 3-4 people, the same comments and observations were already repeating. It’s like ringing a big bell in the room to tell us where we were blind because we were to close to see. We observed them wanting the same things:

  1. An easier way to play with REAL sample registrations and reports (vs. screen shots) without opening an account
  2. More information upfront about security and how RegOnline integrates with other systems
  3. How RegOnline makes it easier for them and their registrants and less about how it would increase attendance (which they didn’t believe)
  4. More believable explanation for why it’s free to try RegOnline (like a 30 day trial)

By making these improvements, we aim to make it easy for prospects to choose to do business with us. Which, in my opinion, is THE objective in marketing.

What can you learn by entering your prospects minds and looking through their eyes?

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