By July 1, 2008blog

Just got back from a great 10 day trip to Southern Spain. The best part of the trip for me was unplugging. I didn’t check email once or turn on my cell phone. No emails to respond to, no text messages, no Twitters, no voicemails, no blogs or blogging… nothing! Cold turkey. It was pure bliss.

Don’t get me wrong, I love connecting with people and all the cool business stuff that happens as a result of mostly my email and the Internets. But to completely unplug, turn off my schedule, and not “do” anything is what I call vacation. I slept-in till about 11:00 everyday. Didn’t wear a watch or have any sense of time most of the time. Read a ton (even forced myself to read fiction). Napped everyday. I go to Telluride every summer and do the same thing. Unplug, relax, sleep, read, have no schedule, repeat.

I’m sharing this with you because I have yet to vacation with anyone who does the same. The first time I did this a couple years ago it was hard at first for me to kick the addiction of being connected and “doing” things. Then a certain sense of calm kicked in and a new feeling of relaxation took hold. Try it sometime and let me know how it feels, so maybe I’ll have more people to enjoy vacation with.

And yes, Spain was very nice. Cool culture. LOVE the siesta!

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