SnapEngage Joins The Felix Fun!

By April 24, 2012blog

I’m excited to announce that SnapEngage, enterprise-level live chat, has joined The Felix Fun family of companies. Jerome Breche & Jerome Mouton bootstrapped their company out of the TechStars program in Boulder (where I originally met them). With no additional outside funding, they have grown to thousands of paid clients/raving fans and a great team of people with a lot of growth ahead of them.
What I love about the Jeromes is that when funding was not readily available to them, they rolled up their sleeves and scrambled like hell to create a product that companies were willing/wanting to pay for. From there, they’ve asked AND listened to ALL their customers and have iterated like crazy as they got feedback on how to improve. They’ve hired only as revenues could support, have kept overhead low, and openly share their (cupcake) love with their customers.
They’ve done an ingenius job of building SnapEngage so it serves the unmet needs of middle-market companies. It has more integrations and better API’s than any enterprise-level system out there. It is more stable and reliable. And it’s more customizable and easier to use than other enterprise-level systems. They’ve priced right as well in delivering WAY more bang for the buck too. All-in-all a winning combo in the SaaS world!
I look forward to being a part of their team and helping to grow a great “built-for-life” company with them!

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