Real Leaders Podcast

By September 29, 2016blog

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Sue Heilbronner on her podcast, Real Leaders. Sue asked some really great questions that got to the meat of what I’ve done and am doing.

I shared what Sovereignty means to me and discussed the role that the sale of our business, RegOnline, has played in my life.

Sue and I discussed my path to partnering with founding entrepreneurs, as a co-owner of SurveyGizmo, SnapEngage, StickerGiant, Avid4Adventure, and PosterBrain to help drive growth and business architecture.

And, I also dig into the economic, societal, and logistical considerations that I wish we had asked ourselves before we sold our business.

If you like Sue’s interview style, subscribe to her podcast and put in a good review for her. She deserves it.


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