Perfect Website

By August 6, 2008blog

Just fell in love this morning…

LOVE LOVE LOVE the usability of it!! Everything you need to know is upfront and super easy to take action on. NO Blogging, Videos, blah blah blah, About Us, Partnerships, NO Navigation even!! … Nothin but “get me what I need so I can start doing business with you RIGHT away”. It’s rare, refreshing, and I bet has killer conversion stats.

The Magic formula:
1. Headline that tells you EXACTLY what the site does: “Your Pictures as Full Size Posters. Overnight.”
2. Upfront and easy to understand pricing
3. “Easy as 1-2-3” steps
4. Examples of what others have done
5. Answers to the 3 most common questions
6. Contact info right upfront
7. A way to opt-in your email if you’re not quite ready to buy
8. NO other distractions, navigation, and widgets to distract 90% of your buyers

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