I’ve had a couple experiences as a consumer this summer that have made me want to scream. Things go wrong all the time. Thats ok. It’s when an organization doesn’t own it and communicate quickly about it that erodes trust and desire to do business with them.

I also believe OWNing IT is a MAJOR trust builder and the more we do it, in a timely and personalized way, the more people will LOVE to do business with us.
One of the most basic tactics I have used in my businesses is to automatically send a follow-up email immediately after their first use… so we could own any problems that may have come up. For example, at PosterBrain we send this email the day after someone receives their order…
“subject: How’s your poster order?
Hi Jim,
Did your poster order get to you ok? What did you think of the quality (and your experience with us)?
On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend PosterBrain to a friend or colleague? Can’t wait to hear.”
90% of replies are a “GREAT!”
10% of replies are about things that went wrong that we then have the opportunity to WOW them with our customer service.
If we didn’t ask directly, most people won’t give unsolicited negative feedback. Then we would lose a customer without even knowing it.
At RegOnline we periodically had glitches in our system. We would move as quickly as possible to email those that were affected, be specific about what happened, and explain how we were solving the problem so it wouldn’t inconvenience the customer again. I was always amazed by how many people would reply back and say that’s why they loved doing business with us, because we were quick to own and communicate our problems.
Are we asking for enough direct timely feedback? Are we owning the problems before our customers need to mention them?

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