More signup power

By April 30, 2008blog

Our open account page used to have three times as many fields than it does now… and 1/3 the conversion rate! The conversion rate of a registration page is inversely correlated to the number of fields. The less fields, the more business we convert.

It wasn’t easy eliminating fields because we are addicted to information. Here’s what I learned to ask myself and my team…
1. Which information is a must-have? Do I have to know where they came from or can my web analytics tell me?
2. Which information could we collect later? For example, we collect billing information when the client goes live with their event.
3. Eliminate the rest. If a piece of information doesn’t create a change in action, then I eliminate the field.

We started watching people, in our usability tests, trying to open an account. It was amazing to discover fields that confused people and error messaging that wasn’t apparent or easy to understand. At one point we started tracking the number of attempts it takes to open an account. By changing wording, eliminating confusing fields, and changing the error handling we went from an average of 2.5 attempts to 1.5 attempts.

After several dozens of iterations of our open account page over the years, we STILL are finding ways to bump the conversion rates by making it easier for everyone filling it out. How much easier can you make yours?

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