Making Music with Humanity

By February 8, 2010blog

I’m a closet Michael Jackson fan… um, well I guess not anymore. Something about his music has always spoken to me, as it has with hundreds of millions. I just watched “This is It”. In the Special Features section, one of the producers who worked closely with him said “MJ made music with humanity”.

I love that comment because THAT’S what excites me most about creating great companies. To create organizations where our customers feel our humanity in everything we do. And to have the profitability to enable the freedom and sustainability to enjoy touching more people in more ways. Like MJ did with his music.

Many see business as a game to be won. Where winning means making as much money as possible. How can we “close” more customers, grab more eyeballs, grow as fast as possible, and flip the company to make millions? This has a much different feel. How can customers trust us to take care of them when this sort of intent underlies so many businesses?

I recently finished reading one of my wife’s favorite books… The River Why. It’s a hilarious story about the coming of age of a great fisherman. One of my favorite parts is when he discovers the difference between catching fish and making music together with them…
“It had always been my way to approach the river like a wanded magician out to work deception… The angler/fish, hunter/quarry paradigm began melting away like blood in water… There was only a chinook on its primordial journey, and an undone fisherman following… I came as a blind man led by a seeing-eye salmon- and it showed me a world I believed was destroyed, a world where a man could still walk unfeared among the animals and birds he calls ‘wild’.”

Are we still trying to be wanded magicians out to make money fast or are we making music with humanity in our businesses?

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