Logos & Branding

By August 8, 2008blog

I was just asked for input on a new logo design for Gold Lake Resort (Colorado’s best kept getaway secret that I have a small investment in). One of the new design concepts looks like a hood ornament for a car. Which reminded me of a similar painful process that we went through to come up with RegOnline’s logo.

For RegOnline we went through hundreds of logos and six months of frustration before we came to the conclusion that a font treatment was most powerful because of it’s simplicity. Think about it, almost all major brands/logos are JUST font treatments: CocaCola, IBM, Microsoft, Sony.

Not only are font treatments dramatically easier to choose, but they tend to be a lot more powerful/memorable than designing a fancy logo. Simple is better because it’s easier for people to remember… which is the point of most branding.

By the way, I like the font Gold Lake currently has on it’s site. It feel representative of the organic, energetic, flowing nature of the resort.

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