Let Your Customers Fund Your Software Startup

By December 12, 2013blog

“Anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent.
Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success.”

– Thomas Edison

I’ve seen hundreds of entrepreneurs spend more of their valuable time raising money than they do focusing on the true reality of what customers REALLY want to pay for. No matter how much funding goes into an organization, it’s not a truly sustainable business until the revenues from it’s customers cover all the expenses of the business. The only way I know of generating sustainable revenue FROM customers is to generate real value FOR them. Customer proof is the ultimate product proof.

Which is why I decided to get behind a new crowd-funding/pre-tailing site for software startups called Ramen. Where the “crowd” FUNDING the software are the potential users OF the software… they help fund (no equity involved) the software they would want and use. I love the idea of getting real customers to fund our businesses.

Thank you Niel & Ryan for making Ramen an option for startups! Which by the way, they are crowd-funding their own startup with their own potential customers (it’s kind of like Being John Malkovich). I’m doing a matching sponsorship, so if you have a software idea that you’d like to test your CUSTOMER traction on as you build/design it and would like their help, well then help back Ramen too!… ANNOUNCING PROJECT MATCHING SPONSORS IN RAMEN TO THE TUNE OF $5000

1/22/14 PS – In full disclosure, Niel and Ryan choose to do an angel round prior to launching. Stay tuned for their follow-on “customer-funding” round.

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