Game Changing Strategies

By June 2, 2008blog

I was having a conversation with a friend and fellow board member who has built several successful companies and hundreds of millions in value. We both agreed that in each company we’ve been involved with there has been less than a handful of game-changing strategies that made each company so successful.

In RegOnline’s case, I believe it boiled down to three game-changing strategies…
1. Self-service, get-started-now system
Four years ago, all of our competitors made it difficult to just “give it a whirl” on their systems. They shared very little information on their sites, made you get slimed by a salesperson, and depend on them to setup your first event. With RegOnline we enabled them to learn everything about the system right on the site, open an account, and start using the system right away. Lots of people told us THAT was how/why they choose RegOnline over the others.

2. Simple pay-as-you-go pricing
We then changed our pricing structure to make it easy for prospects to figure out the cost of using the system on their own. Most of our competitors had complicated volume-based pricing structures with complicated ala-carte feature-based pricing, and upfront and annual maintenance costs that they couldn’t figure out without talking to a salesperson. With no upfront or annual fees and easy pay-as-you-go pricing, lots of people AGAIN told us THAT was how/why they choose RegOnline over the others.

3. Search engine optimization
Concurrently we put lots of resources towards strategies to be #1 on Google for a hundred different “online registration” related search results. This boosted our traffic dramatically over time. Combined with our ease of setup and pricing, made RegOnline an easy choice for most.

When I asked my friend what his game-changing strategies were, they were completely different for each of his companies.

Sure, it’s easy to look back and identify the successful game changing strategies. But it takes a lot of trial and error along the way. For me it never stops, I’m always looking for the next game-changing strategy to add even more growth and profitability to the business.

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