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In the past couple months I’ve participated in three intensive, mind-blowing workshops/gatherings. All three helped me grow and expand my view of what’s possible in my businesses and personal life.

The first was a 4-day Lifebook workshop I did with my amazingly-supportive wife, Chelsea. Where we went through 12 categories of our lives and created visions for what the next level of growth looked like. While 4 days seems like a long time to lock ourselves in a room with 10 other couples, we found some real nuggets for growth in our lives.
Then came another two days with the genius-founder of Zingerman’s (see last March’s trip description here). I went with my partners from StickerGiant & SurveyGizmo, and manager from PosterBrain. We pealed back the layers of our businesses and created new enhanced visions for our companies and teams that gave us all a TON of new energy and excitement for growth. That gave our teams a whole new energy as well.
Then I spent three days at the Conscious Capitalism Summit (see last year’s notes) with incredibly conscious leaders/founders of some GREAT companies like Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Dansk shoes, Southwest Airlines, Nordstroms, and more. They each spoke of the visions/consciousness by which they have built and are building their companies. When I asked John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods, what is the bottleneck for more companies to grow in a more holistic way, his answer was simply “the consciousness of the leader”. Each time a leader expands their consciousness, or more simply grows, the company will naturally follow.
All three of these gatherings were great reminders of:
1. The joy I get out of engaging in things that help me grow and expand my view of what’s possible.
2. The HUGE benefits to me, my family, and my businesses from growing
3. The desire to find more opportunities for growth
4. The incredibly HUGE power of VISIONING (or expanding my view of what’s possible)
I have always gravitated towards a handful of “growth” trips each year. A lot of times as the trips get closer, I don’t feel like going. But I’m always glad I did because I attribute a lot of my success and happiness to those opportunity to expand my view on things.
Other trips I do/have done…
Annual trip to Berkshire Hathaway to hear Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger talk for 4 hours
Annual trip to Endicott House in Boston where 50 entrepreneurs gather to engage with top-of-their-fields people for 4 days (a more intimate version of TED)
Field trips to see the inner workings of different businesses (Zappos)
Personal growth workshops (Tony Robbins, DreamWork, Mankind Project)
Please share if you have growth experiences that have expanded your views on life and business that you’d recommend.

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