Customer Kings

By December 4, 2008blog

A RegOnline client just emailed us:
“Please communicate to others that I think Regonline is one of the most unique software/service companies I have ever experienced. I am a small start-up company, so I do not produce a ton of revenue for your company (yet J). But I still feel like I’m treated like a king ­that is a truly a rare occurrence in today’s software world.”

Three thoughts about this:
1. This is the reason I love to be a part of building great companies
2. Sales, marketing, and support costs go down when customers feel this way (and increase profits)
3. Profits are great because they provide sustainability and additional resources to do MORE of this for clients

Disclaimer: We are far from perfect and unintentionally piss off clients too. We just hope our ratio is less than others and constantly improving.

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