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How to make your homepage irresistible

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People ask me all the time to look at their website and tell them what I think. Here’s my thought process when I do tell them what I think about their site (that you can do yourself)…
1. I am a prospect
2. I am at this site because? (I want an easier way to handle/do something)
3. Did the homepage tell me right away that I am in the right place with the headline? (“Online Event Registration has Never Been Easier”)
4. The three things that I want to know right away are? (for web-based software it’s usually features, pricing, samples/how it works)
5. Did the homepage start to answer these three things (without a whole bunch of other navigational distractions to sort through)?

6. If Q3 & Q5 = “Yes” then I say “WOW, you have a great site”,
If “No” then I replay my thoughts on Q2 & Q4 for them.

7. Does the site make it easy for me to take a next step? Is it easy to convert myself into a client or a more qualified prospect?… I’ll save this one for another post.

It seems so simple, right? It is! But a lot of people/sites haven’t asked themselves these questions yet. Once you start asking yourself these basic questions, the rabbit hole does get more complex. But these are the basics. SO, is your site irresistible… yet?