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By April 25, 2009blog

Direct marketers produce ugly, cheesy, long-winded stuff that CONVERT better.

Here’s an example. At RegOnline we’ve had a really good converting homepage that looks really good, simple and easy

It just got CLOBBERED by an ugly, text intensive, landing page…

55% MORE conversion when we sent half our Google Adwords traffic to the page!

The text for the page came straight out of a 16 page direct mailer piece that two brilliant folks on my team with direct marketing backgrounds created two years ago (thanks Lindsay & Eric). The mailer gives us a 3-5x return on investment.

Why do DM writing/mailers/landingpages work better?
1. More Believable – when a site or mailer looks nice and glossy we unconsciously feel like we are being marketed to. Our best-performing mailers looked the worst (no graphics, dull paper, courier font).
2. Focused – less navigational distractions to the real conversation, and one call-to-action
3. Conversational – the voice is always like a one-on-one conversation that sucks us in
4. Sensational – the headlines are dramatic to tease us into wanting more (ala The National Enquirer)
5. Overwhelming Evidence – makes a better/longer case that you’d have to be an idiot to not take action on

It is hard to believe and seems contrary to “building a brand” but people will buy more when it is ugly, focused, conversational, sensational, and most importantly, informative!

When I first started working with Lindsay she said, “The more you tell, the more you sell!” How right she is!

Please let me know your results if/when you’ve tried this yourself.

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