Assuming too much

By October 11, 2006blog

We recently announced that we were discontinuing the offline credit processing option due to a tightening of security. We had several clients using this feature that weren’t happy with the announcement, and were even more upset that it was effective immediately.

The “Effective Immediately” notice was because we felt we had thought through all the ways clients were using the feature. Well, we quickly found out we hadn’t. Many clients were using the feature to approve registrants and charge their cards once they were “accepted”.

The opportunity that came from this is we are now designing a new feature that enables clients to “Approve & Charge” registrants in an easier way than the old work-around.

We also learned that no matter how much we think we’ve thought through changing or eliminating a feature, we need to give advance notice of the proposed change so we can hear their concerns… AND hopefully discover some more wonderful new opportunities to improve how RegOnline works for everyone!

We are sorry to all those that we unnecessarily panicked with this sudden change, and look forward to learning from this and doing better next time there’s a change to existing functionality.

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