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By February 21, 2008blog

The topic of testing has come up three times in different parts of my life in the last 24 hours*. While at lunch today with the founder of PassageWorks (a great organization that enables kids to speak the unspoken), we were talking about what makes some organizations more successful than others. My answer was “testing and iterations”. An organization that tries things in rapid fire, while keeping the “control” fire burning brightly, and spends 20% of their time iterating and testing new ideas… ultimately attracts more people to their products and services.

As you may know, the two things I get crazy about is innovating and testing to see if it worked better. If I could pick one recipe for success, it’s ABT (always be testing)! Look at Apple and Google. They are CONSTANTLY testing and trying new iterations to beat the old models of the world. How quickly can they iterate improvements?! How quickly do they test out ideas before over-engineering them (like most companies do). At RegOnline, each quarter we focus on pushing the envelope in new ways. New site designs, new mailers, new SEO strategies, new product features. It’s all about iterating as quickly as possible to beat our previous bests. Every couple percent of improvement on each iteration creates a compounded growth rate that would make even Warren Buffet’s jaw drop.

In case you were wondering where else “Testing” came up in the past 24 hours… I’ve been having food challenges with Teddy (my 105 lb Golden Retriever), he’s gotten sick of his same old food. So I went to the pet store and they gave me a whole bag full of free samples and told me to go home and give him a taste test, to see which he likes best. So, that’s what I did…

I’m thinking, this is GENIUS! What a perfectly quick and easy way to see which food your dog likes the best. Let his nose do the choosing!… Until of course, he wouldn’t eat ANY of them.

After an hour of waiting for him to come around. I decided my taste test failed and I’d give-in to giving him the raw beef I had in the fridge. I put the beef out in his bowl and went into the other room while he gobbled it up. When I came back, expecting to find my failed food test still sitting there, this is what I found…
So, what are we supposed to divine from this test?! Multi-variant testing can give entirely new results. Soft food, before ANY hard food creates a great appetite in Teddy.

What could you feed your prospects FIRST that will increase their appetite for ALL your products and services? Good topic for another post.

*Btw, my Law of Three says that if a theme occurs in my life three unrelated times within 24 hours then I pay attention and look for deeper meaning (like the black cat in The Matrix).

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