Alliteration Attracts Amazingly Well

By February 13, 2008blog

A little while back I heard that headlines that rhyme convert better. We tested it in RegOnline’s Adwords ads and, sure-enough, “Seamless Seminar Software” got 10% more click-throughs than “Online Seminar Registration”… along with a dozen other headlines that rhymed versus ones that didn’t.

Are we hard-wired to like things that rhyme better? If babies like sing-song stuff does that stick with us into our adulthood too? I believe the answer is ABSOLUTELY! I smile when I hear things in business that rhyme, or people’s names that rhyme… Mickey Mouse, Felix Flagg, Barclay Bates. Because it feels good to hear things that rhyme, those alliterations stand out and are easier to remember. Both of which we want our headlines to do.

My friend Parker has an amazing vision for a rock opera movie. He was over tonight talking about how people love to watch movies with great soundtracks. My response was “Of course! It’s the same reason people like alliteration”… but why?! In both cases our minds are divided into the thinking side and the feeling/creative side. When we experience things like headlines-that-rhyme and movies-that-have-great-music, it engages both sides of our brains and fully resonates the ENTIRE brain. It thinks AND feels right to us. Causes us to notice, to remember, and say YES.

How can you use amazing alliteration to attract more to your world?

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