Thriving Companies (that Last?)

By October 22, 2009blog

I am truly amazed by all the joy & abundance that the entrepreneurs I know bring to their organizations. And while I may talk a lot about profitability, it is mainly for the purpose of being able to sustain a great environment by which we can all have fun and thrive together.

I love the thought of medieval times and living in kingdoms ruled by benevolent kings who bring joy & abundance to their communities. I view entrepreneurs and the organizations they grow as being like those kingdoms. If they can create sustainable prosperity, they can bring a life of joy and abundance to their communities of people (employees, customers, and suppliers).

Another component of the health of kingdoms is sovereignty. Which I define as the ability to make decisions for the good of their community without being beholden to others. There’s something powerful about being able to make decisions for our communities that are solely focused on the good of that community. I think this is another reason why I like to talk so much about maintaining our independence as entrepreneurs so as to afford the maximum long term prosperity for customers and employees.

At RegOnline we did a lot of great things that we didn’t HAVE to do, but we did because it felt like a great way to help our little community thrive more. For example: company trip to Mexico (with guests) every year, homemade breakfast every morning, consistent bonuses, random gifts for customers. The more profitable we became, the more we looked for cool opportunities like these. However, all these perks have gone away as a result of RegOnline NOT being “sovereign” anymore (owned by a parent company that has different priorities).

What kind of kingdoms are we building and will they last?

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