The BEST Secret of Selling

By April 10, 2009blog

About a month ago I read the best sales book I’ve ever seen on the topic. It could ALSO be one of the best perspectives on what makes our economic and interpersonal world REALLY tick! It was a HUGE epiphany for me.

The Secret of Selling by Harry Browne
(an ebook, not avail on Amazon, but worth the effort. The juice starts on page 14)

Without giving away too much, Browne says we, as humans and organizations, all have our own unique sense of what will make us happy. And we are constantly trading our time and money for what we think will make us happier.

Will I be happier with this dollar in my pocket or with chocolate-covered cinnamon gummi bears in my mouth?

Will I be happier making more money going to work for another hour, or skiing another foot of powder?

We are ALL happiness decision engines, making trades all day long that we hope will increase our individual levels of happiness.

Great SALESPEOPLE help me to find what I WANT (or THINK will make me happier) and help me to get it. That is why Browne’s secret of selling is: Listen to what people WANT, and help them get it. Salespeople/marketers/businesses who help their customers EASILY find what they want, are the most profitable.

Sounds SO simple, right? The execution is where everyone falls apart. Browne does a great job of outlining, in detail, the sales process for any sales situation.

As a salesperson, the better I understand what a person/organization really WANTS, the easy it is for me to give it to them. And IT’S DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. I was always surprised by how different the WANTS were for people looking at using RegOnline. It almost always fell under the umbrella of “Making it Easier” but it was always something slightly different in our system that made it easier for them.

No matter what, it’s all about listening to what THEY feel would make them happier and then delivering it to them.

If you read the book, would love to hear your thoughts.

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