Take Your Dad to Work Day

By May 7, 2008blog

Something very cool happened last week when my Dad came to town. Usually when family is in town I have meals with them in between my business meetings. This time was different. On Thursday and Friday my dad came with me to my meetings. He had a blast listening in and I had fun hearing his impressions of the meetings afterwards.

The first meeting, I was interviewing a job candidate. I introduced my father and asked the candidate if he would be ok with him sitting in the background. My dad promised to sit silently and the candidate said no problem. At the end of our 45-minute interview, my dad asked if he could ask a couple questions. We all laughed and then he asked some good questions. At least now I know from where I get my burning desire to ask questions!

In the meetings that followed over the next two days I introduced my dad and explained to everyone that it was Take-Your-Dad-to-Work day. Everyone chuckled and had fun having him there as an observer… and sometimes some follow-on questions. We had a lot of fun and some good laughs because of it. It was a truly memorable experience for us. So, thank you to everyone who participated with us!

It’s fun to have someone I’m close with observe my world close-up. Growing up I had similar opportunities to observe my Dad run his law practice close-up. I learned a lot from doing that and had a much greater appreciation for him as a result.

To shadow or be shadowed, what a great experience! Give it a try sometime.

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