Sales incentives – go home!

By March 22, 2008blog

I’ve been asking people lately if, at their jobs, they could go home after they get done what they usually do in the course of a week. What day would they go home? Most people say mid-day Wednesday. What this says to me is that if we focus on results, we can get a lot more done in a shorter period of time.

In the spirit of this theory, we tried something new with RegOnline’s sales team this month. For the month of March, the sales team can go home when they get to 70 new active accounts each week (we had been averaging about 50 per week). The first week the sales team went home at 2:00 on a Friday. The second week the sales team went home at 3:00. This week we came up short (with 56 new active accounts) and the team went home at 5:00. It’s amazing how focused the team has become on the results… checking the numbers every hour to see how they are pacing, figuring out creative ways to get prospects registration forms up and running quicker, and cheering each other on.

Going home early is a huge incentive. Everyone loves the idea of having won a few extra hours to themselves each week. And it doesn’t cost the company anything extra. In fact the company is getting more active accounts each week than it had before. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Who in your organization would like to go home early each week because they are accomplishing more?

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