Live chat for enterprising companies.

At first I didn’t understand what we meant by “live chat software for websites who want to be powered by humans, not robots”. But now I get it. We have built robust capabilities that help customer service and sales teams be more responsive and more human to their customers.  We also provide enterprise-level capabilities to Fortune 500 websites at 1/10th the cost. Half the company is based in Boulder and half in Berlin. I had reservations about that, but what I’ve found is they have the most culturally diverse, connected, and incredible team of 17 people I’ve ever worked with… speaking a seven different languages fluently, sometimes at the same time to different customers. The benefits of this incredible team far outweigh the drawbacks of being divided by an eight hour time difference and 3,000 miles.

“The Jeromes” are my partners, Jerome Breche and Jerome Mouton. Yes, both born in France. And two of my all time favorite French entrepreneurs. Super hard-working, super frugal, and super nice guys. If I had known France could produce such special people and entrepreneurs, I might have prefered to have been born there. Lucky for me, they came to Boulder for TechStars and we met when I spoke about letting customers fund a business startup. They weren’t able to raise money under the traditional TechStars model, so they were forced to follow my advice. One million in revenue later, we reconnected, fell in love with each other, and decided to become partners. This time, I put skin in the game by buying out TechStars and another partner who had left the company, for 10% of the company.