Minimalist Entrepreneurship

By August 3, 2010blog
At RegOnline our revenues were about $150,000 per employee. I used to joke with my partner that we could just hire MORE to increase our revenues. Sometimes it really felt like we doing that. What I REALLY wanted to do was put on a hiring freeze so we would be forced to figure out how to do more with less.
The guys from 37 Signals just wrote a GREAT book about this called Rework. They talk about all the nuances of building a GREAT, but NOT big company. They talk about their minimalist approach and the things that most of us THINK are important to our success, but really are NOT, like: investors, PR, lots of employees, salespeople, meetings, and marketing departments.
Another great minimalist example/article of the guy who built Plenty of Fish. While an extreme example to do $10 million in revenues with 3 people, let it blow your mind into what’s possible.
I like the minimalist approach because it keeps us out of trouble and focused on what really matters without carrying a bunch of extra weight on our shoulders. Which makes it easier to deliver real value to customers in a way that is as sustainable/profitable/fun as possible.

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