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A couple people have asked about my strategies for hiring. My goal over the years has been to attract great people who REALLY want to work at RegOnline and fit in well with our exisiting team. I believe the best way to do that is to share what makes the company great and then have a challenging interview process. So I developed the following process:

1. Write Craig’s List ads that standout and are personable – Support SuperStar: looking for people to knock the socks off our clients everyday.

2. Take them to an interesting/personable landing page that tells them WHY they would want to work there (I copied some of the content below because this page is going to change because of the acquisition)

3. Show the company’s personality with a video, letter from the CEO, and even a company cookbook because it gets people excited when they get a FEEL for the work environment before applying

4. Make your application an online survey where you can ask some telling questions and have them copy and paste their resume. This is a great pre-screening tool and makes it much easier to track applicants. Plug: get your online surveys from SurveyGizmo.com (a GREAT company I’m an investor in).

5. Make your applicants earn their way into a job by having a challenging interview process. When they do get the job they will feel a lot prouder about having made it. I like to give them a couple assignments*, a couple phone interviews, a couple in-person interviews, and then in-depth reference checking. Describe this process to them upfront. Sometimes the more challenging/exclusive something appears, the more people want it. Plus, you get to see more of the person and the fit prior to hiring.

*What I like about giving assignments is it puts the work on the applicant AND tells a lot about the applicants. Once created, they are real easy to hand out. For example, for our support team we give an assignment to respond to an email for a request for help with a specific feature. What we can look for in the response is: were they resourceful in finding the answer in our online help, did they start the email reply with compassion for the clients frustration, were they articulate and accurate with the answer, did they close in a warm friendly way, and did they go above and beyond in some way. It’s a lot easier to hire for compassion, resourcefulness, articulateness, and friendliness then it is to teach someone to be that way.

Seven Reasons to Work at RegOnline

  1. Fast Growing – 50% growth per year means more career growth opportunities for you.
  2. Established – 10 years in business, debt-free, and profitable means a stable workplace for you.
  3. Great People – 45 fun, smart, happy, and hardworking co-workers means you love the people you work with.
  4. Da Schizzle – company trips to Mexico, catered Friday lunches, monthly fun activities (wine tastings, happy hour, bowling, Rockies games), and more! Oh yeah, and other mundane benefits: Medical and Dental insurance, Paid Time Off (of course), Retirement Savings Plan, Discounted Health Club Membership
  5. Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
  6. The industry leader in providing online event registration for over 25,000 events worldwide (conferences, meetings, seminars, & tradeshows).
  7. 15,000 Users Love RegOnline (and the people who work here) because it cuts their workload in half.

Bonus Reason: Because we are a small company, everyone’s ideas are important to making RegOnline even better. Here’s the catch. Our interview process is tough. We have a commitment to our team to bring on only the best-of-the-best to sit next to them. A typical interview process includes: two phone interviews, three in-person interviews, two assignments, and thorough reference and background checks… and it all starts with this application survey. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! (Please refer to #’s 1-7 above)

Letter from the CEO Cooking with Regonline

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