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By February 27, 2008blog

In most of my businesses, I’ve entered at stage two. Where there are enough real-life examples of clients needing/wanting/buying/and loving what you have to sell. And there’s a revenue trend that shows clear profitability.

It’s at this stage where I LOVE to roll up my sleeves, leverage those examples, expand the marketing messages and channels, and help the organization thrive. Another entrepreneur recently asked me what’s my secret to being successful at this stage, and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. Three factors come to mind:
1. Irresistible messaging – do prospects jump up and say “I WANT THAT!”?
2. Leveraged reach – are you hitting prospects in mass quantities?
3. Easy to buy – is it remarkably easy for prospects to start doing business with you?

Easy to say. The fun part is implementing, which is totally different for each business, and requires a lot of creativity, analysis, trial and error, and putting myself in my prospects shoes. Here’s an example with RegOnline:
1. Irresistible messaging – “Online Registration & Attendee Management has never been Easier” – historically its been a HUGE hassle for meeting planners and there wasn’t an easy technology solution either… until RegOnline.

2. Leveraged reach – #1 on Google for “online registration” and a hundred other search terms meeting planners use when they start searching after they are done pulling their hair out

3. Easy to buy – pricing, features, how it works, and free to try RegOnline – ALL front and center on the website without other distractions, confusing navigation, or BS (i.e. About Us, Partnerships, Our Philosophy, and other marketing techno-babble)

How would you rate your organization in these three areas? How could you improve upon them?

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