Creating a Customer-Funded Business

By December 12, 2014blog

TALKI get asked all the time by startup entrepreneurs how to create a customer-funded business. The dirty little secret is that I haven’t actually STARTED a business on my own since college.  I’ve watched and helped many others do it. And more specifically, my expertise is helping companies grow organically from early 7-figures into GREAT 8-figure companies. But I still get asked a lot, and I still can’t resist answering and sharing the startup stories of my partners/founders.

Here’s an hour audio interview that Michael Williams, a super-cool fellow Boulderite entrepreneur, did with me on Creating a Customer-Funded Business .  If you want to skip the small talk, and spare yourself from my singing, fast forward to about 5 minutes in.

Click to hear the interview

Thank you Michael for the fun interview and creating a great resource to help entrepreneurs (!


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