Cooking for our Customers

By May 24, 2010blog

I’ve talked about how we’ve sent company cookbooks to customers for our holiday card in the past with amazing response from our customers about how great it felt to be able to connect with us in that way.

A couple months back I got a tin of homemade cookies from Trada (a great way to outsource PPC). When I sent the founder, Niel Robertson, a thank you email, he said something about his house still smelling like cookie dough. I asked if he cooked them. He said yah along with the rest of his team and they did a strategic launch plan while making the cookies too. Now this blew me away that a technology company got together to bake cookies for their clients. AWESOME.

Then I thought about it a little more. Isn’t that what we are doing everyday? Making things for our customers? As we have all compartmentalized the roles in our businesses, have we lost touch with the fact that it’s the complete package that our customers want and choose to buy from us? Not being marketed to, then sold to, then setup with the product, then supported, then sent a holiday card. It’s a much more holistic thing that I REALLY want from a company that I buy from. I want it to feel like I bought from one person who honestly and fully described what the product can and can’t do for me because they built the product and then will support me on it too.

When we are just getting started as a company, and only have a couple cooks in the kitchen, this comes naturally. As our companies grow, they become more compartmentalized and the customer starts to get the feeling that the right arm doesn’t really know the left arm. And they then get the feeling that they are dealing with a machine without a heart more than a real company with a heart and sole connecting all the parts together. And since we are humans with hearts and souls, we are attracted to companies that remind us of our own hearts and souls, want to do more business with them, and tell others about them.

What is your team making for your customers? Does it have heart and soul? Do the arms and legs know what were cooking for the customer?

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