Wild Retreats

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I was just digging through some old papers tonight and came across this collage of one of my first company’s retreats. I started Collegiate Calendar Company in college. We sold local and national advertising on posters with year-at-a-glance calendars and then distributed them to 10,000 students on each campus for free. I’m in the middle (with long hair) surrounded by each of the campus managers. I flew them all out to Colorado for a retreat in the mountains.

This picture reminded me of what a great excuse a company is to have fun! This entire weekend was hilarious. We went out for (too many) margaritas the first night and everyone crashed out on the couches, floors, and porch of my 400 square foot apartment (my bedroom WAS my office – sat on my bed while calling the Nike’s and Visa’s of the world) The next day we took everyone rafting, drenched ourselves, and laughed our asses off. Then we headed to a secluded cabin near the continental divide for another 2 days of meetings and a lot more fun.

I had hired all these guys sight-unseen through phone interviews. So this was the first time we met in-person and the first time any of them had met each other. It’s amazing how quickly everyone bonded and had fun sharing their similar experiences from each of their campuses.

I’ve since had retreats for my other companies and they are great excuses to connect deeper and have fun. There’s something about this first one though. After I stopped laughing from the memories of this picture, my first thought was “I need MORE excuses to have retreats/fun like this!” How about you, are you making enough excuses to have fun?

P.S. – if you are one of the people in these pictures (Allen Wolff, Heather Mroz, John Dubrawski, Jonathan Buntain, Kelly Liles, Marc Sher, Patrick Toole, Rahul Gupta, Steve Remmert, Tom Maxim), drop me a line, would love to hear from you!