Be Your Own Wizard

By September 11, 2009blog, most popular

I remember being an impatient (and sometimes scared) entrepreneur who thought if I could just find the magic bullet, everything would accelerate and all my dreams would come true.

At first it was, if a VC would get behind my idea, then all the magic doors will open. Then it was, if I can just hire a superstar sales guy, the whole business will turn. And then I spent a lot of time talking to people who could be my COO and magically bring unfound gold out of our team. And then ultimately when none of those seemed to bear fruit, I focused on selling the company. If I could just hand this thing off, THEN it won’t fail and I can walk away with some real cash in my pocket.

At the core of ALL of it was a fear that I didn’t have what the company needed to succed. I wanted to believe that their was a “Wizard” (in the land of Oz) that could make it all magically happen. When really, what I’ve discovered over time is that the real Wizard is inside me. When I focus ALL of my energy into believing that I can do it on my own, THEN I come into my power and discover all kinds of things start to magically come together for me and my businesses.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately with entrepreneurs who forget that all the magic is already inside them (courage, heart, and mind). And they just need to focus that enegry, rather than give it away to people who like to make you think have the power, but just end up sucking your power away from you.

I received this email yesterday from a great entrepreneur, which reminded me of all this…
“Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to thank you for your help last year. Each time we met, you really drilled down into how we could quickly become profitable. I really appreciate the insight you provided on how important profitability is. Because we didn’t raise money, we ended up becoming profitable out of necessity.

Things are going much better now! We’ve partnered with over 100 partners, surpassed the million dollar mark in revenue, and are growing steadily & profitably.

Thanks so much for drilling that into my head!”

Be your own Wizard.

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