Hi, I’m Bill Flagg, a partner in four really cool Colorado companies. I spend half my week working with my partners and their companies. The other half the week, I try to share my experience (and sometimes unique perspective) with more growing entrepreneurs.

I have been an entrepreneur since my first business painting houses in high school. Since then, I’ve played a hands-on role in growing a dozen other companies. I love being an entrepreneur. I’ve had my fair share of challenges which makes it easier for me to empathize and help other growing entrepreneurs.

I was born, raised in Michigan. Graduated from University of Michigan. Worked for Harris Bank in Chicago for two years. Backpacked through Southeast Asia. And then discovered the incredible town of Boulder, Colorado. That was 20 years ago.

I now live in Boulder, Colorado with my amazing wife and our three young daughters. When we aren’t pretending to be princess-ballerina-fairy-mermaids, we are having fun travelling the world with friends and family, and read as much as possible (being the introverts that we are).